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We all have been addicted to the Nintendo game, Wii. And time and again, we have always tried to get hold of ways to get free Wii points. Now, this particular thing is a little hard to find on the Internet. Not many pages give us the option of getting free wii points codes, and downloading them. Here is a way on how to get free wii points.



About Wii Points

The actual possibility of getting free wii points is infinite. There are several free wii points generators which will provide you with free wii points codes. The sources are not always credible, though they are several sites which claim that they provide wii points with causing any sort of hassle. The gaming packages often come with scratch cards, which provide you with stars. You can exchange the stars in order to receive free points. Just look for a small paper inside your package. You will have to register, however, in order to get hold of stars. The Wii Points card shop is the place where you need to register.

If you want to download free wii points from websites, you will have to do a bit of research in order to get hold of a credible website. Most of these sites are not legal, and most will want you to provide them with your information or complete some surveys for them. Be careful before you do anything. It is safe to get a junk email address so that you don’t start getting loads of spam. So, now that you know the way to get free points, get ready for some action!

[success] How does Wii Points Generator Work? [/success]

Wii Points Generator



  • Download the software from below
  • Open and Run it as Administrator
  • Click on Generate and Copy the Code
  • Redeem and Enjoy!


[warning] Wii Points Generator Features [/warning]

  • Multithreaded Support
  • Frequent Updates
  • Software works on all operating systems

Quick Specs:

  • Version : 1.63
  • File Size: 1.70 MB
  • Price: $17(Free on
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/Mac/Linux